Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Crystal reports compared to Kronos HR/Payroll reports

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So both Timekeeper and HR/Payroll have Crystal reports but they are implemented a little differently. Hr/Payroll uses a crystal report viewer, which allows for a little more functionality. It also does not need to ’embed’ a font so it can display something like a micr font that is set to not allow embedding.

On the other hand, the Timekeeper crystal implementation does not use the the crystal report viewer, it instead generates a PDF which is then viewed.

So in trying to get a 3of9 barcode font to work in Timekeeper I discovered a few things. The first and most important: After installing the font you need to restart your server! You could probably get away with just restarting the service, but just to be sure 🙂 It appears that what ever engine is creating the reports needs to refresh its font list (otherwise you get a replacement font! instead of the desired barcode)

So we spent a lot of time with support trying to get that sorted out! Ahh its amazing how often a reboot solves things!

So I learned a few things about fonts that I never knew. I didn’t even know that you could put restrictions on your font’s, sort of like restrictions on a PDF whether you are allowed to print, save, etc…

For a font you have the options of Installable( the least restrictive), editable, print and preview, and Restricted (No Embedding)

If you want to view the embedding settings on a font you can download Microsoft’s Font Properties Editor

If you want to edit the embedding settings then use ’embed’

or here but don’t be evil.


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