My EDI Qlikview Dashboard

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In order to get a little better visibility into our world of EDI I thought it would be fun to create a simple EDI Qlikview Dashboard. It sucks in data from a couple of Databases: AS2, TrustedLink, and Adage and shows it in a somewhat linked manner.

The first is the AS2 tab which shows incoming AS2’s, with a fancy bargraph showing how many transmissions per day. It also highlights in red if the AS2 has not yet been processed into the ERP.

It also allows me to click on an transmissions and review the raw EDI.

It also has tabs for incoming orders and outgoing invoices. All and all an interesting start to what will hopefully become a really useful dashboard. In the future I would like to add visibility to outgoing 940’s, 856’s, and perhaps incoming 945’s.


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