VMware, Kronos, and EqualLogic creating a Test\Dev environment is utter bliss!

Using the term synergy is blasphemous and often down right nauseating, but in rare cases you can combine great technology together and something beautiful happens.

This is truly the case when one needs to make a test\dev environment using EqualLogic, VMware, and Kronos. What normally would have taken a full two days (building a test Kronos server from scratch). With a VMware snapshot would take two hours. And then finally with an EqualLogic snapshot utilizing the amazing ASM\VE http://www.equallogic.com/partnerships/default.aspx?id=6523

It takes 20 minutes….


To learn more you can download the whitepaper I authored here (On the righthand side, VMWare & Kronos Dev/Test Environment Bliss!)     http://www.improvizations.com/kronosblog/

(This technique could also be used to create any type of testing test dev\environment)


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