#redgate sql source control

So, had the need of source controlling our views and sprocs (who doesn’t)

We have been trying various methods using one of the billion versions of team foundation server etc. etc.

So decided to try Red Gate Sql Source Control, and use subversion as the back end.

So first off I needed a server spun up…. so time to update my server 2008 template… please wait… ok an hour later got it all patched up. Next I needed Subversion


I’ve never messed with this one before but it says easy install so I will give it a try!

Ok, installation took about 30 seconds… so far I like it! Ok made a repository and started following instructions here


Started downloading a 28 day trial of sql source control

So installed and then linked it to our database. I was too quick as a bunny and didn’t wait for it to sync up. But after it has recorded all the objects then you commit all the objects as new!

This stuff works great, and only took < 1 hour to setup! Awesomesauce


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