1. Hi Michael,

    I couldnt find your email address, so i decided to post here (your most recent blog post at the time). I found your blog while looking for information on open source edi solutions. I have been searching like crazy, and cant seem to find a suitable edi solution for my purposes. I was hoping you would be willing to correspond with me on this issue? or, also, you posted about open source edi some years back, and an update to that post would be greatly appreciated.

    Im in the position of having a few large business customers who require edi, the majority of my business is non-edi. But the set up fees would price me out of a commercial edi solution, and i instinctively am opposed to paying a transaction fee on an edi solution.

    Ive been looking for open source solutions, but they are hard to come by or hard to install for a novice. I tried to install the mendelson as2, but couldnt get it to accept key pairs. ive seen bots, but there is so little documentation, that im not comfortable trying it out. Do you know if there are any other options out there? what do you suggest for someone like me?


  2. in addition, i noticed this one, and was wondering whether it is worth trying:

    Since I am a novice, I hardly even know where to start.

    Ive also downloaded the EDI Notepad by Liaison Technologies. it seemed fine, but didnt help much as i had no edi connection

    thanks again,

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