Initial Selection with Ajax and Qlikview

Often times especially with mobile qlikviews you want to set an initial selection. Unfortunately the OnOpen trigger is not supported with AJAX mode (which is the best way of accessing qlikviews with a mobile device)

How to best do this then?

Well at first I tried creating a bookmark and then saving the doc with that bookmark applied. Actually its interesting to use a search string to apply a variable as a bookmark. The Syntax looks something like =gl_perod_year=$(vCurrentPeriodYear)

Assuming you have Variable set with the right year data

Unfortunately this didn’t work. So I ended up using the OnOpen Trigger. Apparently, at the moment at least, if you apply a bookmark using an OnOpen trigger it seems to work well with the AJAX version. Go figure.

So, find out your bookmark ID and use that with an Apply Bookmark action

Clear as mud?



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