Bizlink install process part 1

The Bizlink install was a very straightforward process and it took me about an hour to complete. Go to the download site



I choose the 64bit version. It was pretty much a next, next, next install. I choose BizLink, New Installation, and installed onto a single machine. If you were going distributed I think the install could get much more complicated 🙂 I accepted all of the default ports. I made a quick MS SQL database for it as well.

Next you need to install all of the various parts to run as a service, this is pretty easy you just go into the dir you installed bizlink, then app3.3.0\bin then do the below



Next, I had to license it. To do so you go to Setup > Licenses, Click Add, choose upload license file, and then give it a name.

One slightly tricky thing was I wanted to patch 3.3.0 to current. So I clicked on Software Patches, hmmm I see I think that’s what I want. I can never figure out if I have Bizlink or BizManager or whatever… anyways… hmm how to install. Oh yeah if I download BM_33017_Release_Notes.pdf  (that BM stands for BizManager and not bowel movement I guess) there are the instructions. Unzip the patch to /app3.3.0 and the go into /app3.3.0/bin/ and Run as Administrator on the installpatch.bat

Easy peasy. Next post, how to get AS2 up and running


Bizlink, Axway, Liaison comparing EDI platforms

So it’s impossible to compare EDI platforms since no one wants to give me a trial copy to test. When we were evaluating SANS the Equallogic folks dropped one off and said here yeah go, take it for a spin. Those were people that were proud of their software. We bought an Equallogic. Why are they so ashamed? Anyways, we ended up going with Bizlink for the moment. So far the install process was straightforward, it took less than an hour. I’m working on configuring some trading partners. We will see how it ends up.