Bizlink install process part 1

The Bizlink install was a very straightforward process and it took me about an hour to complete. Go to the download site



I choose the 64bit version. It was pretty much a next, next, next install. I choose BizLink, New Installation, and installed onto a single machine. If you were going distributed I think the install could get much more complicated 🙂 I accepted all of the default ports. I made a quick MS SQL database for it as well.

Next you need to install all of the various parts to run as a service, this is pretty easy you just go into the dir you installed bizlink, then app3.3.0\bin then do the below



Next, I had to license it. To do so you go to Setup > Licenses, Click Add, choose upload license file, and then give it a name.

One slightly tricky thing was I wanted to patch 3.3.0 to current. So I clicked on Software Patches, hmmm I see I think that’s what I want. I can never figure out if I have Bizlink or BizManager or whatever… anyways… hmm how to install. Oh yeah if I download BM_33017_Release_Notes.pdf  (that BM stands for BizManager and not bowel movement I guess) there are the instructions. Unzip the patch to /app3.3.0 and the go into /app3.3.0/bin/ and Run as Administrator on the installpatch.bat

Easy peasy. Next post, how to get AS2 up and running


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