BizLink Install Part 2

Now we need some AS2 action. So I went to Parties (who doesn’t like parties??)

Since I already have an AS2 server I figured I would use it for testing against. So I grabbed its address and public cert, next I ran the AS2 Setup Quick Start Wizard that is on the welcome page.

This configured my local AS2 server I named it NFFCTEST and set the AS2 URL to reflect the ip of the system, I’m assuming I will set it to an external IP when I go into production.

It auto generated a cert for AS2 which was nice of it.

So now I needed to add an External Trading Partner

I gave it a name, typed in the AS2 Identifier and the AS2 URL. Originally I forgot to include the port (which made it not work of course)

I set a Customize Subject Header, and use EDI Message (I don’t know if this is correct, but it matches my other server settings)

I set the S/MIME Signed/Encrypted for the format type. For the Encryption Algo I set to DES3 168 (it defaults to AES 128) and signing algo to SHA1 160

I added the public cert that came from my other AS2 box.

I enabled Retry, 3 times, every 300 seconds.

I enabled Resend, 3 times, 1 every hour.

Then submit.

— Ok so that’s all fine and good. Now I need to get a file into this thing.

I went to Server, services. And then clicked add. Then added Directory Monitor Inbound. I created a folder and used an Include Mask of *.edi

I just specified the Originator / Recipient because I thought that was easiest!

I set the scan frequency for every 10 seconds, from 00:00 to 12:59 PM

Ok, now let’s drop a file in and see what happens.

If everything works you should see the file, and you should be able to click on it and get to this message tracking screen













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