AWS IoT SiteWise with raspberry pi Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Part IV

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SiteWise Monitor provides three personas/roles within your organization – Portal administrator, Project owner, and Project viewer. An IT administrator in your organization creates portals and assigns Portal administrators and Portal users. Once a portal is created, a Portal administrator creates a Project with a collection of assets and dashboards, and assigns an owner to each project. A Project owner is an author who creates the visualization dashboards to represent your operational data and when ready, shares with the Project viewers.

To set up a portal to view your AWS IoT SiteWise data, perform the four steps below :

  1. Enable AWS SSO. This is an optional step if you already have AWS SSO setup, otherwise SiteWise Monitor will set it up and allow the IT administrator to create the first native user – all from within the AWS IoT SiteWise console.
  2. Configure and create a Portal with a name of your choice. For this post, RaspberryPIPortal is the portal name
  3. Add Portal administrators
  4. Add users and send an invitation email to Portal administrators

Next you have to create a project, and then you can create a dashboard. Next you have to assign assets to a project. From there you can drag and drop them.

Tada – I have a chart of the realtime temperature coming off the raspberrypi


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