Installing OpenVPN on a Cingular 8525 and then connecting to a remote desktop

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You know what’s really cool! Being able to VPN into work, remote desktop and then be able to do any administrative tasks that you need to, all from your phone! Many, many thanks to ziggurat29, who ever that is. Ahh apparently it is David G. Lemley, III. Thanks David.

The Magic,

Get yourself to

and download the English WM5 Signed CAB (or what ever language you want) I installed through activesynch.

You want to install to the device to make things go smoothly.

This post explains very well how to install and use it.

I would also recommend getting the tunnel working on a desktop first

From the below post I learned that you want to put your files (certs and openvpn config file) into

\\Program Files\\OpenVPN\\config\\

And then for the .ovpn (config file) edit it to use this path structure

ca “\\Program Files\\OpenVPN\\config\\ca.crt”  etc….

Once you get your VPN up and running (you should get a little green icon) you will next want to connect to a remote desktop. To install remote desktop on the 8525 you can get it from here

This may be an evil hacked version, so use at your own risk. I still wonder why its not included anymore with the default phone install… oh well. Enjoy, and let me know if you have success or any cool tricks that you discover!


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