sflow, juniper, and SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer

Always wanting to monitor more and more the things, I finally decided to get some sort of flow monitoring thingy going. The SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer looked cool, and was pretty easy to get up and running. For our Juniper I followed these instructions

Basically I used putty to SSH into the switch.

Type configure

[edit protocols]
set sflow collector udp-port 5600
set sflow interfaces ge-0/0/0
set sflow polling-interval 20
set sflow sample-rate egress 1000
I also added
set sflow sample-rate ingress 1000
then type commit

One comment

  1. What would you recommend to monitor crc, discard errors. We use solarwinds, just curious to know how users monitoring crc errors

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