Hi, I’m Michael Ellerbeck. I’m interested in a lot of different things. I like data, and I’m interested in information management in general (I have a masters in Information Management from the University of Washington) and I guess over all I enjoy finding solutions, and integrating things to become greater than the sum of its parts.

Currently, I work for National Frozen Foods Corporation as a Senior Business Analyst. I primarily handle National’s analytics (using Qlikview) as well as EDI, ECM as well as its virtual (VMWare) and SAN (EqualLogic) infrastructure and Active Directory (DNS, group policy, etc…) and I enjoy making these function smoothly. I setup and keep the terminal servers, helpdesk system, and intranet portal and other servers going as well.

We are a small, tight knit IT shop, we cross train and help each other out a lot. We also respond quickly to our users no matter how big or small their question. Because of this structure, I am constantly looking for new and better ways of doing things for myself and others. My recommendations for small and medium enterprises.

I enjoy thinking, reading, writing, composing, coding, art, inventing, experimenting, and entrepreneurial pursuits. One of these days I would like to write a book, compose a symphony, and create some sort of film… the usual pursuits that everyone should attempt 🙂

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  1. You know, your entry was unique, amusing, and had a fun feel good quality to it. It could have easily been the winner. It is ridiculous that Chicken of the Sea let entry #29 use an automated program to cast votes for herself. I mean it’s ridiculous that the company let her get away with it and did nothing to stop her including leaving the old captcha on that any OCR can read. I sit here and watch her votes increase by a steady never ending 42 votes every 5 minutes. Even at 2am she’s getting 42 votes every 5 minutes never fail. What is heartening to know about the human race is that there are still some honest folks out there and I mean you, seeing how you could have easily made an automated program to vote for yourself if you had so chosen but did not..

  2. I have a small consulting firm. We are looking for an EDI software for a client. We have about 40 trading partners and about 150,000 transactions/month (850, 810, 856, 852, etc). We use FTP, SFTP, AS2 and VAN. What would be your recommendations for an EDI package.


  3. Cool candles and Its nice to meet someone with the same name as me also.

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